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What we can replace:

Missing leg, front and belly straps; D rings and clips, surcingles, buckles; worn Velcro, broken zippers

What we can repair:

Tears to outer and lining fabrics; damaged or worn insulation; Worn fleece at withers; Straps, webbing, Velcro and leather

Waterproofing Available

We use NIKWAX® products exclusively

Don’t have horse blankets?

We can wash your dog beds or sleeping bags.


Care and Handling of Blankets

Safe way to put on blanket-
Fold the blanket from the tail to the chest, put folded blanket over withers, fasten chest straps, pull blanket back over hindquarters, smooth and straighten, fasten surcingles and leg straps. Fasten leg straps under belly instead of rear to keep hands clean! Make sure your leg straps and belly straps are snug, not tight. Loose straps are the major cause of damage when the horse gets his leg caught, or other horses can grab them!

Safe way to remove blanket-
Unfasten leg straps and surcingles, unfasten chest straps, fold blanket back from front and remove over hindquarters. Don’t unfasten chest straps first in case the blanket slides back and tangles in horses legs.

Safe way to fold a blanket to hang on stall bar-
Fold blanket in half the long way along center back, fold again the long way tucking in leg straps and surcingles, fold again the short way and hang on bar on stall. This keeps loose straps from hanging and becoming a safety hazard in the barn isle. Consistently folding blankets also improves the overall appearance of your barn.

Always store blankets and sheets clean and dry! Even the least bit of dampness turns into mildew over the off-season. DO NOT store blankets dirty since the acid in urine and manure destroys fabric as it sits. A good blanket may not be so good when you take it out a few months later.

Blankets are like any part of your tack. Regular maintenance is necessary for safety and long life of your blankets.

Get items washed regularly. Waterproofing last through many washings but acid in urine, manure, grit, and sun exposure will destroy fabric and stitching. When manure gets caked on the back end of a blanket and leg straps, it often cannot be fully cleaned.

If you attempt to wash blankets yourself, use a commercial tumble washer without agitation and the temperature specified on the blanket. Brush off as much mud, manure, shavings, and hair as possible. Stretch and hang in warm air to dry. DO NOT DRY in a dryer! Drying in commercial dryers damages the waterproofing and some blanket linings will shrink differently from the shell, resulting in an ill-fitting blanket.

Get tears, loose straps, and missing buckles fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Small tears soon become big, and buckles and straps get lost. Loose items are dangerous.

Get repairs done before storing so items are ready to use when you take them out. There is nothing worse than needing a blanket and finding that it was put away dirty and wet with missing parts and cannot be used right away.

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