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Horse Blankets are an important and often expensive part of your tack and equipment.

The better the care, the longer they last.

Our washing machines are commercial grade equipment. Your blankets are washed twice, rinsed three times and spun at high velocity to remove all dirt, hair, and manure. They are then stretched and air dried on special racks to maintain their shape and integrity. Hair and shavings are removed from Velcro closures via high powered vacuum. Complete examination of blanket ensures that all parts are in place and working properly. Finally, your blankets are professionally folded, packaged, and delivered ready for storage or use.

Regular maintenance will insure the safety and long life of your blankets. Blankets should be laundered regularly and stored properly when not in use.

There is nothing worse than needing a blanket and finding that it was put away dirty with missing parts and cannot be used!

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